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The Championships in Liberec have come to a close; the whole world speaks highly of them

The last event, the 50 km Men´s race, was on the schedule of the 47th FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Liberec 2009 today. The last world champion...

The Headmaster won the last race

The winner of the last event of the 47th FIS Nordic World Ski Championships LIBEREC 2009 is known already. Rightly it is the phenomenal Petter Northug...

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Three times from a meeting of ski journalists at FORUM NORDICUM

19. 10 2008

(Liberec – own) Over more than 25 years journalists who write and talk about cross country skiing gather regularly at the beginning of each season. The name of this association- FORUM NORDICUM- has been derived from the official name Nordic skiing from English. Pipi Ausersdorfer from Italy, Bruno Moravetz from Germany and Willi Asthal from Austria established it. After many years when members of this association were meeting in different places, Ski journalist meeting was carried out for the first time 13th – 16th October 2008 in the Czech Republic, Liberec, as it followed the FIS inspection, the last one before the FIS WSC Liberec 2009.

Besides soccer specialists Forum Nordicum is the only official journalist gathering. The purpose of their meeting was (still is) to share in the presence of the International Ski Federation representatives the information and news, that concern classical i.e. Nordic skiing in the coming season. These days information is easily accessible by internet and by other modern technologies. However, nothing can substitute meeting in person. As previously mentioned, following the inspection of FIS representatives, there was a meeting of the International association  held in Liberec in the period from 13th -16th October, for the first time in the Czech Republic. There were very few invitations for the journalists from the Czech Republic and among those who were invited we can name Mr Vaclav Chalupa of Lidove noviny of Tomas Kohout of Cesky rozhlas. Please note that Forum Nordicum is not an open association and the presence at the gatherings is possible solely upon invitation or recommendation by one of the current members. As we state at our web site, members of Forum Nordicum were, in fact still are Mr Jaroslav Suchanek (CT), Mr Stefan Maslonka, Mr Jiri Posvar (CTK) or Michaela Drobna, who currently also works for the Organization Committee FIS WSC Liberec 2009. It was Organizing Committee together with the Lord Mayor of the corporate town of Liberec Mr. Jiri Kittner, the host of at least hundred journalists. The following summary of contributions from a member of Forum Nordicum, Mr Jiri Posvar outlines the issues discussed.

President Kasper was satisfied with the inspection held in Liberec

President of the International Ski Federation FIS Gian Franco Kasper expressed his satisfaction with the status of preparation for the World Ski Championship, which will take place in the period from 19th February till 1st March 2009 in Liberec. Mr Kasper acknowledged the Czech organizers after Monday check up of background and venues to which he only had a few suggestions.
Mr. Kasper announced that personal changes in the Organization Committee are not of any importance for the FIS, but the preparation and whole safety of the Championship is crucial to them. „The inspection was really performed in detail and we were able to get perfect overview about the venues, accommodation, medical background, athletes transport and other details. Important announcement for the FIS is that Mr Topolanek guaranteed 100% financial coverage of the whole event, “said Mr Kasper today at the Forum Nordicum in Liberec.
The president of the Organizing Committee Ms Katerina Neumannova amended his latest formulation – with respect to the guarantee provided by Mr Topolanek, there was a misunderstanding. „ I contacted Mr Topolanek myself over the phone and there was no government guarantee for financial coverage of the event given to FIS as he is not authorize for such action“, stated Ms Neumannova and added that Liberec received government guarantee while his candidature for holding of World Ski Championship.“ These guarantees concerned mainly security of participants and also building up of sport facilities. Some of these warranties are still in place, “said Ms Neumannova.
Mr Kasper stated that the International Ski Federation only had a few suggestions regarding particular venues in Vesec and Jested. „I must admit that it is not easy to host a World Ski Championship in such a location“said Mr Kasper four months prior to the official opening of the Championship.
Ms Neumannova was pleased that the final checkup went well. „The inspection was performed in detail and we had to respond to many questions. This was the last from the line of such extensive controls. Everything is ready within the context of the World Ski Championship. As soon as it starts freezing, we will be able to start making snow. Only a few details are to be solved before the Championship starts“, said Ms Neumannova.
Worries about lack of snow, present at last World Cups held in Liberec, are not alarming the organizers. “We only need ten days prior to the Championship to have temperature below zero. Snow guns are ready to be used and ten days should be sufficient for preparation of enough artificial snow for the Championship,” says secretary general, Mr Jaroslav Honcu.
Bauer is the king of the ski season
Lukas Bauer, the winner of the World Cup in cross country skiing won an opinion poll of foreign journalists and became the King of skiers. He received the award on today’s ceremonial evening held within the Forum Nordicum in Liberec.
Of courseI appreciate this award, but I have been already concentrating on the coming season. That is especially important for me, because I would really like to succeed in the World Championship held in my home country, in Liberec,” said Bauer after having been awarded, who hopes to achieve two medals. One of them he would like to achieve in the individual race and the other one in relay.
Lukas Bauer has so far been to two training camps on glaciers. Currently he has been training in the Czech Republic and from 27th October he will leave for 5 day training to glacier Muonia. “I am really looking forward to winter. I had hard times when training as I have already started in May and this training stereotype was both physically and mentally very demanding and strenuous. However, I have overcome this and I already feel better than last year this time of the year,” said Lukas Bauer.

Cross country skiing World Cup will enrich the Rocky Mountains serial

The news in cross country World cup will be once every four years a serial Rocky Mountains Challenge held in Canada. It will take place in years when there will be neither world championship nor the Olympic Games. The first year of this event should take place in 2012.
This news was presented at Forum Nordicum in Liberec by the FIS race director for the cross-country skiing events, Mr Jürg Capol. „We have already chosne the organizing destinations, which will be as follows: Calgary, Cancore, Lake Louise, Jesper and Vancouver,“ said Mr Capol.
The three main summits of the coming season will be the February World Championship in Liberec, serial Tour de Ski held at the year end in Oberhof, Prague, Nove Mesto nad Moravou and in Val di Fiemme and the third one will be in the period form 18th till 22nd March the finale of World Cup in Stockholm and Falun.
The rules for the Tour de Ski have finally changed and the winner of the particular race will always be the competitor who crosses the finish line as first. He will also be given an award of 2,500 Swiss franks (approximately CZK 40,000), the overall winner of the whole Tour will receive 20,000 Swiss franks (almost CZK 320,000).
Thirty competitors will gain points to the World Cup series throughout Tour de Ski and in the finale of the World Cup. In the last season, only fifteen competitors gained points to the World Cup series.
(Jiří Pošvář, ČTK; transl vk)


Forum Nordicum held in Liberec

Forum Nordicum was founded at the beginning of the 80´s by newsmen from Italy (Pepi Ausersdorfer), Germany (Bruno Moravetz) and Austria (Willi Asthl). The main aim was to gather all journalists before each new season in the presence of International Ski Federation and share news from other countries in terms of Nordic skiing.

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