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The Championships in Liberec have come to a close; the whole world speaks highly of them

The last event, the 50 km Men´s race, was on the schedule of the 47th FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Liberec 2009 today. The last world champion...

The Headmaster won the last race

The winner of the last event of the 47th FIS Nordic World Ski Championships LIBEREC 2009 is known already. Rightly it is the phenomenal Petter Northug...

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We want 300 000 fans to come

Can three hundred thousand spectators visit and see all competitions during World Ski Championship_ As Kateřina Neumannová, head of the Organizing Committee, says, it is only a wish right now. Estimated numbers were derived from the numbers of German Oberstdorf 2005, supposedly realistic. Construction works are being finished; organizers also get ready for the option there could be unfavorable weather like lack of snow.

With one sentence: Ski jumping top contestants have arrived

Although the weather has not been favorable recently, it should be more pleasant at the weekend. Clouds have been rending and temperature has risen too. Though the weather forecast predicts hill tops might be covered with snow, all Organizing committee members believe that Summer Grand Prix finale in ski jumping on artificial turf will work out fine.

Names of meals will be translated into English for our guests

How will catering be provided for athletes and their teams during the World Ski Championship Liberec 2009 we have asked Rene Hofman, manager of team accommodation.

Transcription of press conference at the Prime minister Mirek Toplolanek´s.

We are mediating a literal translation of introductory entrance of the Prime minister of the Czech republic Mirek Topolánek, the vice president of the minister of education Jan Kocourek, the chairmen of the Czech Olympic Committee Milan Jirásek, the lord mayor of the corporate town of Liberec Jiří Kittner and the president of the Czech Ski Association Lukáš Sobotka at a press conference held in government office on 2nd June 2008, 231 before the official start of the FIS World Ski Championship Liberec 2009. Kateřina Neumannová, the president of the Organizing Committee FIS WSC Liberec 2009, took part in the press conference as well as other guests besides the invited newsmen.

The Olympic Games can not be compared with World Cups

(Liberec - own) We are up to the eyes in work, preparing the World Cups in Liberec. And we expect the same during FIS  Nordic World Championships taking place next year. Organizers use volunteers not only in Liberec, but they are employed in all bigger events. Sometimes they only get some refreshment for their important help,...

Everything ready for Cape Town

A few hours only are remaining until the delegation of Liberec takes off for Cape Town, where the FIS congress is held. The Organizing Committee intends to introduce itself. Its members will present not only the World Cups carried out at the beginning of this year, but more importantly the ongoing preparations for the FIS Nordic World Championship. The highlight of the conference will be the presentation of the Olympic winner Kateřina Neumannová, whose lecture will represent an invitation for the 1000 conference participants to Liberec. The FIS Nordic World Championship starts in 270 days!

Interview with Jan Matura

(Liberec - own) Jan Matura, the best one among all Czech athletes taking part in Friday's race. Our representative performed two great jumps, 120 meters in the first round and 127,5 in the second one. He even stunned his Czech opponents Roman Koudelka, who ended up being 17th and Antonin Hajek at the 30th position. If...

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