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The Championships in Liberec have come to a close; the whole world speaks highly of them

The last event, the 50 km Men´s race, was on the schedule of the 47th FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Liberec 2009 today. The last world champion...

The Headmaster won the last race

The winner of the last event of the 47th FIS Nordic World Ski Championships LIBEREC 2009 is known already. Rightly it is the phenomenal Petter Northug...

I got my inspiration from Lady Winter

23. 02 2009 14:10:00

(Liberec, own) For 16 years Vera Kocova has been one of the leading Czech designers. She has cooperated with the MISS contest and she has dressed up Czech Miss contestants for competitions around the world; as a costume designer she has participated in a number of TV Nova programmes, and her models are worn by a number of Czech and foreign athletes, including Katerina Neumannova.
Vera Kocova´s designs for women are artful and seductive in a feminine way; her fashion for men is elegant. She dresses up athletes as well as artists; let´s name Vlastimil Harapes or Jaromir Jagr among others. Vera Kocova prepared clothes for the Czech tennis team for FED CUP and we can see her trace at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Liberec 2009.
* What did you prepare for the World Championships, in particular_
In the first place it was the “working uniforms” for all the staff. Black trouser suits with a red shirt for women and anthracitic suit with a wine-coloured shirt and tie for men. Next, there were clothes for hostesses for the Opening Ceremony – black trousers and a white shirt, supplemented with a beautiful striking red tie on which WSC Liberec 2009 is weaved in. A dress for the Opening Ceremony for the President of the Organizing Committee, Katerina Neumannova. Also, clothes for hostesses for winners ceremonies.
* The winners ceremonies take place in the open air. Did you also think of this so as to keep the hostesses warm_
Yes, when designing the clothes for hostesses I already thought of the fact that the winners ceremonies would be held outside and I chose the materials accordingly: pure wool; the cardigans are made from down. I didn't even forget functional thermo underwear which is necessary. As for colour design, the trousers are in black, jumpers of cream colour are supplemented with a very attractive and trendy vest in metallic ivory colour.
* The International Ski Federation is very strict in many areas. Did you feel it yourself as designer of clothes for hostesses_
I can only confirm FIS´ strictness. In all ways. They also put great emphasis on the choice of clothing for hostesses for the winners ceremonies. The design I proposed caught their attention and I haven´t registered any reprimands from FIS. On the contrary, when hostesses first appeared for the winners ceremony, FIS president Gian Franco Kasper was enthusiastic. That made me feel very happy.
* What was your inspiration when designing clothes for the WSC 2009_ And how much time did the preparations take you_
The clothing I have chosen corresponds with current fashion trends as regards the colour design as well as a sporting elegant cut. My inspiration was Lady Winter herself – both in her beauty and purity. As I had had two authorial fashion show in Cairo, Egypt, before the Championships, I wasn´t left with much time to prepare the clothing for hostesses. We made it in about two weeks.
* What´s your attitude to skiing and sport in general_
I have a very positive attitude to sport and I cannot imagine my life without sport at all. I like to play tennis, golf if I can spare some time, sometimes it is just enough for me to take my roller skates or bike. As regards skiing, I like to go cross-country skiing and now I have bought new downhill skis. I am looking forward to testing them.
* What do you look forward to most at the Championships_
I am looking forward to those events in which we have our white hope. Bauer, Koukal, Magal, Janda, and Koudelka... I am looking forward to ski jumping. When I came to Jested and stood under the giant tribunes, my knees gave under me. The whole Championships are a feast for me and I will support all the athletes. Individual sport is very hard and that´s the reason I like it. I take off my hat and I bow to Katerina Neumannova for all she has achieved in skiing. And I am happy and proud that it is her that is the chief organizer of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Liberec. I support her very much and I keep my fingers crossed for her and all her team... I wish everybody that the Championship may be a success in all respects.
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