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The Championships in Liberec have come to a close; the whole world speaks highly of them

The last event, the 50 km Men´s race, was on the schedule of the 47th FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Liberec 2009 today. The last world champion...

The Headmaster won the last race

The winner of the last event of the 47th FIS Nordic World Ski Championships LIBEREC 2009 is known already. Rightly it is the phenomenal Petter Northug...

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Hotel Jested model dominates lobby of the Regional Authority building

17. 02 2009 10:00:00

(Liberec, own) Sport contests will certainly bring to Liberec important personalities of politics, culture and sport and many of them will visit the Office of the Governor of the Region. In the lobby of the Liberec Regional Authority on U Jezu Street, they will be greeted by a five-metre model of the Hotel Jested.
Setting up the model at the beginning of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Liberec 2009 was highly symbolic: “I believe that people visiting the Liberec Regional Authority will be happy to be reminded of the symbol of the Liberec Region which we use to promote our tourist region at home as well as abroad”, says Assistant Governor Lidie Vajnerova. The model which found its way to Liberec after tourism trade fairs in Brno and Prague will be exhibited in the lobby of the Regional Authority until it is sent to another tourism trade fair.
The ribbon in front of the model was cut by the Statutory Assistant Governor Lidie Vajnerova, who is in charge of culture, preservation of monuments and tourism. She was accompanied by Assistant Governor Vit Prikasky, and Councillors Zdenek Bursa and Jaroslav Podzimek.
During the ceremony architect Otakar Binar, one of the creators of the Hotel Jested, signed a document whereby he agreed that the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic ask for the Hotel Jested to be included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The architect is the author of the hotel interior design, parts of the original building such as armchairs, small tables, beds, shelves, ashtrays, banisters, door handles, coat racks, lamps, radiators, and ventilation system. The dominant feature of the Liberec Region the mountain hotel and TV mast on Jested has already been on the list of national cultural monuments.  
Podjestedsky Master






Welcome to Liberec

When the decision was made in 2004 that the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 2009 would be hosted by Liberec there were shouts of joy not only among those who were directly involved in the success but among all skiers in the Czech Republic too. As the Czech Republic is a country of skiers, the joy was really great and it was celebrated mainly on the main square of the City of Liberec

May the Championship work out fine, I love CEC!

Visitors often come to Jested – a silver oblate spheroid on top of Jested, to bow the city view point by public transportation and then they take a cable car. Tourists from many countries are attracted by this magic peek. A group of Poles, mostly guys, take a stroll to ski jumping hills, where Adam Malysz used to jump and they left in words: “We will come back….”

Taking a walk to the FIS WCS 2009 venues

It does not seem that FIS World Championship is somewhere in the world carried out in similar surroundings like the one in Liberec region. Let’s set out on a trip to the places, where there will be held along with regular ski jumping also a world premiere of women’s ski jumping- let us take you to ski jumping venue Ještěd.

Liberec is a modern city

Liberec, Reichenberg in German, Libertsis in Romance and _______ in Russian has been a Czech city since 1945 and it is also a seat of North Bohemia as well as headquarters of region government. Its style has been formed for centuries by rugged territory between Jizera Mountains in the north and Ještěd range in southwest together with the river Nisa. With its 100 000 inhabitants Liberec belongs to the biggest cities in the Czech Republic.

Liberec and its neighbourhood

The ceremony for the winners of the World Ski Championship races held in Liberec 2009, including the prize giving ceremony, will be situated in the historical down town– at the main plaza, one of the oldest locations in the city, named by Edvard Beneš. All important moments in the town´s history took place here.  

Liberec (view from north)

LIBEREC (view from north)

The snow fun in Liberec and environs

Skiing Jizerské horyEnjoy the majestic beauty of the Nordic nature on 115 km of the Jizerská expressway, which belongs to the most frequented traces for the cross country skiing in the Czech Rewpublic. There are 13 points you can get in, which have been chosen by the long year...

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