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The Championships in Liberec have come to a close; the whole world speaks highly of them

The last event, the 50 km Men´s race, was on the schedule of the 47th FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Liberec 2009 today. The last world champion...

The Headmaster won the last race

The winner of the last event of the 47th FIS Nordic World Ski Championships LIBEREC 2009 is known already. Rightly it is the phenomenal Petter Northug...

Koivuranta is out

28. 02 2009 14:30:00

(Prewss Release) Finnish Anssi Koivuranta, one of the possible podium chasers in NC Individual Gundersen, will not start 10 km race in Vesec. The current leader of the World Cup standings and the second men after the jumping part of today’s competition gave up the running part due to illness.




Demong couldn´t his bib

American team, which was the favourite for today’s competition, is in trouble. Demong, who was supposed to help his team to reach the medal, couldn’t find his bib. It happened between trail round and the first competition round. That is why jury didn’t allow him to jump. This unbelievable story caused, that he was disqualified and the dream of medal is gone. Tragicomedy of the situation was underline by the fact, that Demong found his bib underneath his suit...  

Changes in the startint order of the qualification race

There will be changes in the starting order in the qualification race. Usually the red group starts at the beginning of the starting field, but in tomorrow´s race 20 competitors with the point amounts right after the seeded competitors will start first and in reversed order. The change was decided because of tomorrow´s weather condition. The temperature will be about zero and it could either rain or snow. The seeded group will not be slowing down by new snow on track.

Scandinavians vs. the rest of the world

The second CC ladies race in the World Championships programme will be probably more dramatic than previous Interval Start 10 km classic. We have to search the favourites in Finnish colours. Besides the new world champion Aino-Kaisa Saarinen, which will start with number one, has really good change to succeed in the Pursuit Virpi Kuitunen.  

The winners will print thier hands

The World Champions from Liberec 2009 can help sportsmen with disability. Each of winners in all categories will be asked after the end of official press conference for a handprint on the clay tile. This tile will be put on the wall at Tipsport Arena as a benefit collection.   

Favourite if Kowalczyk

Polish competitor Justina Kowalczyk is the biggest favourite of today´s 10 km C race. The leader of the World Cup (671 p.) won both last 10 km C races in Valdidentro (ITA) and in Otepää (EST). The second in the World Cup standing Finnish Aino Kaisa Saarinen placed the second position two times in 10 km C race this year. In Valdidentro, Marianna Longa from Italy, who is now third on the World Cup standing, was on the second place. Norwegian Astrid Jacobsen won 7,6 km F Race which was held in Liberec last year.

The Changes for marathoners

There is a change in rules for cross-country skiers on long distances (ladies 30 km and men 50 km). The possibility to change skies after each circuit (7,5 km) is now permitted by FIS. This decision was made after two years test process in attempt to make race more effective and easier for skiers. The newly prepared skies tend to be faster.

The Championships was opened

The Opening Ceremony was held at Tipsport arena to start FIS Nordic World Ski Championships.  Introductory word was said by the mayor of Liberec Jiří Kittner and the president of the Organizing Committee Kateřina Neumannová.

The highest athletes participation ever

The opening press conference of FIS Nordic World Ski Championships LIBEREC 2009 took place on Wednesday 18 February. President of the Organizing Committee Kateřina Neumannová warmly welcomed FIS president Gian Franco Kasper and also all journalists.

Ceremony with surprice

Yesterday´s evening and night was also devoted to the last preparations of the Grand Opening at Tipsport arena.  The ceremony starts at 7 p.m. with laser show, which will be followed by official part of the program.  The official part will be closed by singer Karel Gott, who will sing the Czech national anthem.

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